Authentic Chebe Powder and Karkar oil Bundle

Our 100 % Original chebe powder was sourced straight from Chad. Chebe powder is great for hair that may have suffered from years of plaiting, heat or chemical treatments. Promotes hair growth, restores dry and damaged hair. Ideal for any hair type!

CHEBE - often referred to as Chadian hair growth Fertilizer treats and restores weak, damaged, brittle and dry hair to leave hair looking smooth and healthy.

INGREDIENTS - Contains natural herbs, vitamins and proteins that combine to promote hair regrowth for women and men and provide an essential deep conditioning treatment for your hair. This product can be applied to curly hair, weaves, and thinning hair or for people who are worried about hair loss, Safe to use on colored hair.

How to use

Mix 1oz shea butter with 4oz of karkar oil & 4oz chebe pwder  until you get a slightly liquid-y mixture. There should be enough to cover all of your hair.
Section the hair and wet it. You can use a spray bottle to make it more convenient.
Apply your mixture to the hair and then add the chebe powder on top. Do this to all of your sections and make sure the powder is not touching the scalp.
When you feel like your hair is properly covered and moisturised, braid it up.
Remove the excess oil from the braids and spray them with water.
Leave the braids for up to 3hrs or 5 days like the chad women .
If you notice buildup, wash your hair thoroughly before going through with the procedure. If all is fine, you can repeat the treatment without washing out the previous one.

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